Oyster Catcher Coastal was born because we wanted to bring the history of The Basket up to date, and create a product that was visually stunning, ergonomically sound and something that once bought, you cannot do without.

An investment for your home, but also for your own body and mind, as this seated haven allows the world to go on around you, while you observe it all from your own comfortable cocoon.

Based in the UK, we offer a personal consultation service which allows bespoke design changes to be made to our standard specification models.

The question is not why do I need one, more how and when can I get one? What is The Basket and how do I get these stunning seats tailored perfectly to my own outdoor space?

Email Oyster Catcher Coastal with your interest and we will do the rest.


The very first version of this type of chair was designed by the royal basket maker in the days of the Kaiser in 1882 for a famous Baltic Spa. It was in those days traditional for the gentry to “take the waters” (brackish water) in the Baltic Sea. These baskets were placed on the beach as a place to relax and enjoy the elements in mid-summer as well as early spring and late autumn. It was the basket that gave them the protection from the wind either end of summer.

At Oyster Catcher Coastal we have brought The Basket up to date and turned it into an accessory that will embed itself into your home throughout the seasons. Brimming with history, and packed with practicality, we have made sure it now also boasts elegance and style.

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